Earth Day 2020:  Take back our planet with your vote this year

Take back our planet with your vote in 2020

It’s no secret that Trump has been detrimental to our planet. According to CNN, this administration has undone 50 years of environmental protections. From deregulating the EPA and other agencies to withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, it’s clear that republicans are putting their profits over our planet. 


See also: “The 95 Environmental Rules Being Rollback Under the Trump Administration,” New York Times, December 2019 

My opponent, Republican incumbent, Mark Amodei, votes with Trump 97% of the time, including bills that are having a devastating global impact. Amodei supported Trump’s withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement; voted against banning offshore drilling; supported rolling back the oversight of the EPA, and more. Just last month, as we were focused on COVID-19, Amodei introduced a bill to sell off Nevada’s public lands, freeing them up to be used as nuclear waste dumps. 


In contrast, the climate crisis has been at the top of my platform since my 2018 congressional race. I have been advocating to elevate the climate crisis to a cabinet level position by creating a Secretary of Environmental Protections, and I am thrilled to learn that Joe Biden plans to create this position in his cabinet. 


Clint Koble’s work with the Obama-Biden administration 


As the next Representative for Northern Nevada, I will support climate-saving legislation like The Green New Deal that will not only help save our planet but will also create jobs and revive our economy. I believe science should inform our policies and environmental standards. I want to empower farmers and ranchers to be part of the climate change solution. Because nothing else matters if our planet is uninhabitable. 


Clint Koble’s climate crisis platform   


Let’s not forget that the current administration is full of climate change deniers, calling it a hoax. Trump himself and other GOP leaders have purposely spread misinformation, such as claiming that solar power isn’t available at night or on cloudy days, and that wind power only works when it’s windy. These absurd claims are irresponsible. 


It’s time to vote out climate change deniers and those who are paid off by the industries destroying our planet. It’s time to bring science, logic, and compassion back to Washington. Let them know that our planet is not for sale. 


That’s why on this Earth Day, the most important thing you can do to help save our planet is commit to voting blue in November 2020.  


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