Hope During COVID-19
Volunteerism driving hope in these uncertain times
We are facing a challenge unlike any other we have faced in our lifetime. The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is bringing unprecedented uncertainty and heartbreak to families, communities, economies and countries. The situation is so fluid, and evolving at such a rapid pace, that many of us find ourselves constantly refreshing the news, while others are unplugging to feel some sense of control.

It is natural to feel helpless at times like these. Despite this, there is something else I am seeing over the past several weeks that brings me hope. I see people, families, neighbors and communities stepping up to help each other. Amidst the sadness are layers upon layers of kindness and community. These moments are being reported by the media, and are now prevalent across our social channels. 

#TeamKoble is staying home and staying busy. Will is making check-in calls to community members to see what they need. Joyce and Susan are sewing masks for local healthcare facilities. Melissa and Molly are homeschooling their children and participating in virtual classrooms. Susan is also making meals for elderly neighbors. 

We’re seeing entire neighborhoods joining each other in song, artists doing concerts from their Instagram, neighbors sewing masks for their local healthcare workers, and actors reading bedtime stories to children around the globe on Facebook. We’re also seeing people picking up groceries and medicine for their high risk neighbors, parents becoming teachers, donations en masse to organizations on the front line, and healthcare workers sharing with us their small joys from their long, hard days. The Today Show captured this love and hope with Rising Up Across America: Saluting the Heroes and Heart Warmers.

This shared humanity is what we need right now, and it will  help us get through this. It strikes me that April is not only National Volunteer Month, but also the National Month of Hope. Volunteerism and community is the foundation of humanity, and now is the time for us to bring hope to others by doing what we can for them.

Here in Northern Nevada, a few of our good friends coordinated this powerful video and petition to the President to consider high risk Americans and listen to doctors. I encourage you to watch and sign. I am also sharing pictures of my hard working team and their families, who have shifted focus from campaigning to doing what they can to support their families and community.


Stay safe, be kind and giving, and please let me know what my team and I can do to help you.


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