There is still time to vote in the Nevada Primary

There is still time to vote in the Nevada Primary election, and here's why you should do it!

The Nevada 2020 mail-in and in-person primary ends June 9th, and I think I know some reasons why you may not have voted in the primary yet. 

1. You're going to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho in November anyway, so why bother?
2. The presidential race isn't on the primary ballot, so why bother?
3. You're not hyped about any of the candidates you have to pick from, so why bother?

Am I wrong? Let's talk! Am I right? Let's still talk.

Clint Koble explaining why you should vote in the Nevada Primary

I want to address those reasons above and explain why you should vote in our 2020 primary election.

1.  Voting Blue No Matter Who in November is great... but not all Democrats are created equal. Do your research. I've been a Democrat my entire life, and I've spent my career in public service. President Obama appointed me to lead the Nevada State Farm Service Agency under the USDA, and I held that position throughout his entire term. Prior to that, I also spent many years in the Small Business Administration helping small businesses in rural Nevada thrive. I'm the Democratic candidate that has the best chance of defeating Amodei in November! Please check out my Facebook page to view my virtual town halls on Racial injustice, LGTBQ+ rights, and many more!

2.  Even though the presidential race might not be on your primary ballot, A TON of other important races are! Your primary vote still matters NOW! Get behind your congressional, state, and local candidates. Your local judges and school board members. Research them. Your vote matters up and down the ballot! These will become the elected officials who will make decisions that directly impact you, and these candidates need your support.

3.  I understand you might not be excited about the presidential nominee or other Democrats on the ballot, and that's okay. You can still make an impact. Vote for your U.S. senators and congressional candidates; your state legislatures; your local city and county officials, your local judges, and more. VOTE ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT! Your voice matters in every race!


Please check out my latest video above on the importance of exercising your right to vote, and I hope I have earned your vote in this primary election. 
Thank you,
Democratic Congressional Candidate for NV-CD-2 


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